The University of Nebraska – Lincoln

The University of Nebraska calls Lincoln home. Here you will find the infamous “Cornhuskers” football team that are known throughout our nation.


The University of Nebraska officially ranks within the top tier of universities nationwide both public and private.


Students at this university have over one hundred and fifty-degree programs with endless resources to pursue their dreams.

Campus Life


Campus life is not restricted to education alone. Here you can enjoy art, culture, and history in the various niches throughout the university. It is not uncommon to find both residents of Lincoln and students of the university attending events together.


The university has art exhibitions with museum quality collections. For those that enjoy theatre arts, you can take in a live performance that will make you feel like you are on Broadway!


The Cornhuskers Football Team


In 1892, Nebraska adopted the scarlet and cream colors as the official team color. The team was initially named the “Bugeaters” from the bull bats that hunted the insects throughout the plains.  The team was, later on, named the “Cornhuskers.”

Cornhusker Game Day


Just outside of Memorial Stadium, you will feel a certain energy present in the atmosphere as serious Cornhusker football fans set up to tailgate. Fans will have their  RV’s, tents, smokers, grills, flat screen TVs, stereos and a sea of scarlet and cream colors ready to cheer their team on.

Memorial Stadium (home of the Cornhuskers) transforms into a substantial bowl of Husker red as 85,000 fans fill each seat. On game days, this place quickly becomes Nebraska’s third largest populated venue.


Whether you are a Cornhusker fan or not, the fans will take you in as part of their family and invite you to have a great time with them.


Campus Life Extended into City Life


Lincoln, Nebraska is proud to have a strong presence of students in its community. Residents stand by their local college team and proudly display the team colors on game days. Living in a college city is fun and exciting with the sportsmanship that is carried from on-campus to off-campus city life.


The residents of Lincoln embraces student life and welcomes them with open arms.

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