The University of Nebraska – Lincoln

The University of Nebraska calls Lincoln home. Here you will find the infamous “Cornhuskers” football team that are known throughout our nation.


The University of Nebraska officially ranks within the top tier of universities nationwide both public and private.


Students at this university have over one hundred and fifty-degree programs with endless resources to pursue their dreams.

Campus Life


Campus life is not restricted to education alone. Here you can enjoy art, culture, and history in the various niches throughout the university. It is not uncommon to find both residents of Lincoln and students of the university attending events together.


The university has art exhibitions with museum quality collections. For those that enjoy theatre arts, you can take in a live performance that will make you feel like you are on Broadway!


The Cornhuskers Football Team


In 1892, Nebraska adopted the scarlet and cream colors as the official team color. The team was initially named the “Bugeaters” from the bull bats that hunted the insects throughout the plains.  The team was, later on, named the “Cornhuskers.”

Cornhusker Game Day


Just outside of Memorial Stadium, you will feel a certain energy present in the atmosphere as serious Cornhusker football fans set up to tailgate. Fans will have their  RV’s, tents, smokers, grills, flat screen TVs, stereos and a sea of scarlet and cream colors ready to cheer their team on.

Memorial Stadium (home of the Cornhuskers) transforms into a substantial bowl of Husker red as 85,000 fans fill each seat. On game days, this place quickly becomes Nebraska’s third largest populated venue.


Whether you are a Cornhusker fan or not, the fans will take you in as part of their family and invite you to have a great time with them.


Campus Life Extended into City Life


Lincoln, Nebraska is proud to have a strong presence of students in its community. Residents stand by their local college team and proudly display the team colors on game days. Living in a college city is fun and exciting with the sportsmanship that is carried from on-campus to off-campus city life.


The residents of Lincoln embraces student life and welcomes them with open arms.

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Lincoln, Nebraska

Within the flowing wheat fields and meadows spanning the Midwest region of our country, sits a city that bears the namesake of one of the greatest presidents; Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln, Nebraska lovingly embraces its namesake and serves as the capital of Nebraska.

The Man Behind the Name


Abraham Lincoln served as the sixteenth president of the United States back in 1860. This iconic leader of our nation was a self-taught lawyer who proved that he was not only a leader among leaders but a man that had compassion. It was he who abolished slavery and restored the dignity of those he freed from the oppression of the white man.

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln was born in 1809 in a little log cabin in Kentucky. His family was poor and had very little. He struggled to work so he could provide support for his parents and siblings.

This statuesque man possessed a unique charm with humility because of his origins. He was what one would call, “distinctly human.”

Working as a flatboat freight hauler, Lincoln went on to be a shopkeeper while also holding down a postmaster position.  His interest took him on to win an election with the Illinois state legislature.

Being consumed with politics and a keen interest in law, he taught himself all there was to learn to pass a bar examination to become a lawyer. Serving as a lawyer for small towns, he quickly became known as “Honest Abe.”

Lincoln continued his move up the political ladder and landing himself in the House of Representatives. Once his term was up as a congressman, he did not seek reelection but focused his interests towards slavery with the desire to fight against it.

Lincoln eventually joined the Republican Party that was opposed to slavery. Not too long after that he ran for Senate and won.

He worked his way on up winning the White House and becoming president. During his time as president, not only did the Civil War break out, but he also issued the infamous “Emancipation Proclamation.” This act set slaves free within the states of rebellion while leaving slaves in bondage that were in the states loyal to the Union. Eventually, the 13th Amendment was passed outlawing slavery everywhere.

In 1863 Lincoln delivered what is known as “The Gettysburg Address.” This speech is one of the famous speeches ever to be delivered from a president. The address was delivered to dedicate the national cemetery at Gettysburg while focusing on the equality of humans.

In 1865, Lincoln was to attend a performance at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. where he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln’s death went down in history making him a martyr to his cause towards liberty.

Ironically, just hours before Lincoln was assassinated, he established the Secret Service as a means of presidential protection.

Proud of Our City – Lincoln, Nebraska

Residents living in Lincoln, Nebraska are proud to live in a city that bears the name of a truly magnificent man.

Abraham Lincoln’s legacy thrives in this charming city and will continue to do so in the decades to come!

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Lincoln, Nebraska: A City gaining Momentum!

The residents today and yesteryears stand proudly behind their charming city. Lincoln’s thriving growth is attracting not only new business but the influx of new talent that is bringing back the lovely old character of this city. The amazing business owners like Plumbers of Lincoln an offshoot of Plumbers of Hollywood, a plumbers Hollywood FL company.

Lincoln’s History Beckons

The quaint and vintage charm that fills the air in the beautiful city of Lincoln speaks to those passing through. As with all other cities, there is of course the hustle and bustle of business; however, the little quiet moments of history are worth discovering in this gem of a city.

Robber’s Cave

Lincoln has a hidden treasure underground that is both fascinating and intriguing. Robber’s Cave quietly sits beneath a brewing company that is in operation today. This five thousand foot long sandstone cave has a maze of tunnels that have been restored and now opens its arms welcoming tourists from all over.

Robber’s Cave has seen centuries of inhabitants as well as being used for many purposes. Native Indians used the cave as shelter while sometime back then it was rumored that Jesse James used it as a hideout.

During the harsh winter of 1893, Coxey’s Army took shelter during the winter in this cave on their march to Washington. Leaving the cave behind, the soldiers departed giving way once again to an abandoned tunnel. The next wave of humans to seek shelter in Robber’s Cave was reportedly slaves where the underground railroad sought refuge.

The 1870s brought “Whitecaps” (part of the Ku Klux Klan) to the cave where they took down a brothel and dancehall that had overtaken Robber’s Cave.

Pieces of history on Robber’s Cave are currently being deciphered and organized by a historian, and you can bet your bottom dollar that it is going to be interesting!

Currently, Blue Blood Brewing Company owns Robber’s Cave and provides tours of it along with tours of the brewing company. Today it is not uncommon for Robber’s Cave to host events inside the long and winding tunnel ways. Music artists gather in one of the alcoves within the tunnels and play music during these events.

“O” Street in Lincoln

Nebraska boasts as having the world’s longest straight street. Lincoln is situated along this massive main street that runs across the entire state of Nebraska.

The wagon trail traveled along this route which later became “O” Street. This street serves as the main thoroughfare through downtown Lincoln. During the civil war, this route had a traffic jam of pioneers in wood-covered wagons as they were moving across the state.

Running a vast fifty-nine miles across, it has seen travelers far and wide, old and new.

Lincoln: The Great City of the Midwest

Lincoln offers a lot of culture and history all coupled into one and will not disappoint those seeking a place to visit or to call home.

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